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I have been practising as a massage therapist since 2005, having initially trained in Poland under the guidance of renowned massage and physiotherapist Robert Szymanski. Once qualified, I was employed by Robert as a therapist part-time until I moved back to Ireland.

I returned to Galway and worked with businesses to provide on-site seated massage. In 2012, I moved to Dublin and continued providing holistic and deep tissue massage on a part-time basis.

In 2017, I decided to turn my passion from a part-time hobby to a full-time massage and bodywork career, with a serious and long-term goal to be one of the best bodywork therapists in Ireland. I researched and signed up to complete an ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) Level 3 Holistic Massage and Sports & Myofascial Release with Holistic College Dublin (HCD).

In 2018, I set up and launched Raburski Massage with a mission to guide my clients to pain-free movement and the prevention of long-term injury. Working with each client to identify myofascial imbalance, and the source of pain and restricted movement. Each session providing expert therapy to alleviate the problem, and aftercare advice to ensure long-lasting results.  

I went on the complete Orthopaedic and Sports Massage Level 4, and Myoskeletal Alignment and Sports Massage Level 5. I graduated with distinction in 2019 with over 150 hours of direct contact training.

I have continued to update my skills for the benefit of my clients. I recently completed a course in the growing area of Dry Needling in the Premier Physical Therapy (PPT) Clinic, Dun Laoghaire. I also returned to HCD to take short courses in myofascial therapeutic tools, including Cupping, Scraping (Gua Sha), and Kinesiology-taping, and advanced myoskeletal techniques.

It doesn't stop there. I am currently working towards becoming a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) awarded by the Freedom from Pain Institute tofulfil my goal of becoming one of the best bodywork therapists in Ireland.

I'm a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA), Massage Matters and Dry Needling Ireland (DNI). IMTA therapists are recognised by Irish Life health and Aviva insurances for payments rebates up to €50 per session (please refer to the T&Cs of your life insurance package). All treatments with Raburski Massage are accompanied by a receipt, which you can use to claim back any rebates that may be available.

Raburski Massage is fully insured and compliant with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) safety protocols.

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More About Our Bodywork Therapies

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Sports & Orthopaedic Bodywork
Bodywork is, as the name suggests, working on the body to return it to its natural and pain-free state. Bodywork could involve Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Sports and Orthopaedic Massage, or Deep Tissue Massage.
Stick persons back with a hand providing massage
Therapeutic Myofascial Tools
Therapeutic tools, such as vacuum cupping, gua-sha (scraping) and kinsiology taping smooth the muscle, release adhesions (knots), increase blood flow, stretch and separate the layers of the tissue and decrease pain and swelling.
Stick persons back with dry needles
Dry Needling
Dry needling is the method of inserting a needle into the muscle to improve the function, reduce pain and release trigger points. This therapy is combined with deep tissue for added benefit and enhanced results.
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Stretching Exercises
Stretching is a physical exercise that targets a specific muscle, muscle group, or tendon. Stretching improves the muscle's elasticity and achieves improved muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. Stretching is used on tight and short (facilitated) muscles.
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Strengthening Exercises
Strengthening exercises are designed to increase the strength of specific muscles or groups of muscles. Strengthening exercises overload the muscle until the point of muscle fatigue. This process encourages muscle growth, increasing strength. Strengthening is for weak, overstretched and inhibited muscles.
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Postural Corrective Exercises
Postural exercises are designed to re-educate the body and correct poor posture. Poor posture can develop over time due to incorrect ergonomic practises at home, work, sport, or muscle imbalance that has not been treated. Postural corrective exercises target specific areas that cause discomfort and pain and promote a return to a correct posture.
Achieve pain free movement.
Your body is your most important asset - look after it. If you're experiencing pain, discomfort or just want to invest in your musculoskeletal health, then get in touch. I'm here to guide you to pain free movement.
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