COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Keeping You Safe


The safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance to us here at Raburski Massage. That is why we’ve taken the time to review how we operate the therapy room and put in place enhanced measures to make sure that your massage is safe, as well as being beneficial. 

The massage industry and the therapists working in it are very aware of the need for good hygiene. This is one of the first things we learn as therapists and is built into the training we receive before beginning to practice the theory of massage therapy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put extra measures in place for the safety of you and us.

We've pulled together a short video to showcase some of the measures we've put in place.

Additional Measures

Above video will give you an idea of what we've done to ensure your safety - it doesn't end there. As the lead therapist as Raburski Massage, Daniel has undergone over 10 hours of COVID-19 related training to ensure best practice in minimising the risk of spread of the disease.

A COVID19 posters demonstrating how to put on a face covering

1. A series of HSE COVID-19 posters are on display in the reception area and therapy room. You are asked to wear a face-covering to your appointment.

a photo showing COVID19 Cleaning Checklist

2. Every area that a client will come into contact with has been risk assessed and a cleaning schedule created to help in ensuring the risk is reduced.

A wash hand sink and handsoap with a COVID19 poster reminding visitors to wash their hands

3. A HSE 'Wash Your Hands' poster, hot water and soap. You will be asked to wash your hands as soon as you arrive for your treatment.

A poster reminding visitors to Raburski Massage to take precautions to protect their loved ones

4. HSE poster reminding visitors of the importance of proper cough etiquette and personal responsibility. All posters are laminated so that they can be cleaned and sanitised.

Daniel Raburski wearing a face shield

5. Your therapist will be be wearing a face covering throughout the entire therapy.

Daniel Raburski wearing a disposable apron

6. Your therapist will change their uniform between each client.

Daniel Raburski's hand with a focus on hand cleaning and sanitisation

7. Your therapist will regularly wash and sanitise their hands before, during and after your treatment. In the interest of everyones health and safety, you will be encouraged to use the sanitiser available.

A box of tissues and hand sanitiser

8. Tissues and hand sanitiser will be available for all visitors to use. A foot pedal bin will be available in the therapy room to dispose of used tissues.

Massage table and pillow

9. The massage table will be refreshed with clean towels between each client, as well as fully sanitised. The face cradle cover will be replaced with medical grade covers between each client.

COVID19 Plastic box with instructions to visitors on storing their belongings safely

10. A sterile box will be available for you to place your belonging, including the clothes you are wearing, jewellery. A plastic bag will also be available for you to place your face covering. This box will be sanitised between each client.

Raburski Massage cleaning schedules

11. Scheduled checks will be carried out throughout the day as well as between each client. Actions will be recorded for inspection. 30 minutes is blocked off between each client ensure enough time is allocated to sanitise the therapy studio.

Screenshot of a prescreening form and thermometer for COVID19

12. Each client is required to complete an online presecreening 24-hours before their treatment. This is mandatory and is required before a treatment can take place. Temperature checks are done on therapists and clients.

Every effort has been made to ensure the safety of you as a client as well as your therpist. In line with HSE and HSA guidelines and Government public health measures, your contact details will be shared with the HSE is requested for the explicit purposes of contact tracing in respect of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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