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Are you someone who wants to invest in your musculoskeletal health? Do you want to be able to achieve pain-free movement? Are you prepared to work with me to achieve this goal? Then, you're in the right place - read on or get in touch to learn more

Raburski Massage Treatments

You've spoken - I've listened. I've simplified the number of service options I was offering down to one category - Bodywork.

This one category encompasses the breadth of treatments that I offer and allows me to tailor each session to your body's needs and concerns based on a series of tests and in consultation with you.  

In addition, I will carry out a visual and physical assessment through a series of tests to determine the best course to achieve pain-free movement.  Based on the outcome, treatment may include a combination of techniques, such as manual therapy (sports and orthopaedic bodywork, myoskeletal (musculoskeletal) alignment therapy (MAT), or deep tissue massage), dry needling therapy, and therapeutic myofascial tool. As your therapist, I will provide you with a program of stretching and strengthening exercises that include postural correction so that your treatment can continue beyond your therapy session.

Prices (based on session length)

45 minutes = €60
60 minutes = €75
90 minutes = €90

Loyalty scheme - 50% off every 5th treatment.
T&C apply (non-transferable, only valid on every 5th treatment and cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts).

Achieve pain free movement.
Your body is your most important asset - look after it. If you're experiencing pain, discomfort or just want to invest in your musculoskeletal health, then get in touch. I'm here to guide you to pain free movement.
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